“Restitution – The Legend of Cordell Pierce”

Restitution is a classic Western written by Jake Stetler and myself. We have been trying to get this film funded and have had much interest from talent but need to fund before we can make any deals and move forward. We also have a 3 part comic book based on the original script. The first Comic is available for sale, the second is in the works and will be available later this year, the third will be available once we go into production.

Below you will find a logline and synopsis of the film. If you have any interest in investing please contact Jeff Davis at: restitutionmovi@gmail.com

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When his Apache wife and their young son are murdered, ex-Bounty Hunter Cordell Pierce is forced to return to the violent life he thought he had left behind. With the aid of a few well- armed friends he seeks revenge on the outlaws that committed this horrific crime. But his bloody path to vengeance is tempered by a new-found faith and the young lady who saves him from himself.


Cordell Pierce was once a legendary bounty hunter. Men spoke his name with either fear or awe. If you had a price on your head, it was downright terror.
But that was years ago, Cord has given up his guns. He has settled down with his Apache wife and son to live a contented life as a Rancher on a spread of land rich in soil and mineral deposits.

But due to greed and prejudice, their peaceful life is soon shattered.
The Whitlock Gang, a notorious band of outlaws, attacks in the dead of the night and murders the Pierce family. Cord fights back, in a desperate attempt to save his wife and child, but there are too many of them and he is shot down.

Two Apache warriors, Kuruk and Bodaway discover the massacre. They bury their kin. In the aftermath they find Cord, left for dead, suffering from serious wounds, but still alive.
The Apache deliver the unconscious Cord to the doctor’s office in town with the aid of Oliver Gray, a young ranch hand. Sadie Crill, the daughter of the absent doctor, nurses Cord back to health. Sadie has a deep and abiding faith.

The Whitlock gang continues to wreak havoc on the citizens of the town as Cord recovers.

The arrival of Floyd Donovan, an expert bounty hunter and Cord’s best friend, stirs up a hornet’s nest of trouble.
The Outlaws flee the town and head into the wilderness.

Cord recovers enough to return to his ranch and retrieves his guns. A change comes over the man. He is dead set on vengeance. He enlists Floyd, Kuruk, Bodaway, and Oliver to ride with him.

Cord & Company hunt the Whitlock Gang through the unforgiving wilderness and wage a war against the outlaws in a bloody whirlwind of violence. Cord ultimately learns that a darker force was behind the attack and vows to settle that score as well.

Cord has found retribution for the death of his family, but can a new faith help him find redemption as well?

Project is in Pre-Production Stage

We are looking for financing, Exec producers

Business Proposal available by contacting Jeff Davis at restitutionmovi@gmail.com