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The Demons Within

A demonic possession film (Low Budget Horror Film: $140K – $200K)

written by Roberta Griffin
Based on terrifyingly true events, When Demons infest the cell phone of a troubled teenage girl, her demonic possession soon follows, forcing her atheist parents to seek the help of a young catholic priest in order to survive the unspeakable evil taking over their lives

Restitution The Legend of Cordell Pierce

A Classic Western ( Low Budget Western: $800K – $1.2M)

Written By Jake Stetler and Jeff Davis

When his Apache wife and their young son are murdered, ex-Bounty Hunter Cordell Pierce is forced to return to the violent life he thought he had left behind. With the aid of a few well-armed friends he seeks revenge on the outlaws that committed this horrific crime. But his bloody path to vengeance is tempered by a new-found faith and the young lady who saves him from himself.


A faith Based survival film: (Micro Budget Faith Based Film: $65K – $100K )

written by Jeff Davis

When a man finds himself stranded on a snow covered mountain, he finds his strength to carry on by asking God to guide him.

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You can invest with as little as $2500

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